Between the Ages of 12 to 24 Your Brain is at Risk

  • Developing Brain

    Neuroscientists now specify adolescence as between the ages of approximately 12 and 24 because during that time, the brain is undergoing significant change. Being informed about the integration and development going on in the adolescent brain is crucial for health & safety.

  • Impact of Marijuana

    During the phase of adolescence---approximately 12 to 24 years---marijuana has a more intense, risky and potentially permanent effect on brain development and architecture. Learn about the specific impact of marijuana in order to keep your brain developing safely & healthily.

  • Keep Your Brain Healthy & Safe

    The adolescent years are challenging as your brain develops & matures. Scientists show they can be greatly enhanced with activities & choices that promote brain health. Discover ways to optimize your brain's strength and happiness so that it develops naturally & performs at its best.

Ready to Protect & Enhance Your Brain?

Get informed about the significant vulnerability of the adolescent brain when exposed to marijuana