Adolescent Brain at Risk

  • Neuroscience

    The start of the 21st century was marked by a shift in understanding about the adolescent brain. Daily, neuroscientists are learning more and more about this intensive time of change and integration in the brain. It is a phase of exceptional learning and development, but also vulnerability and susceptibility to harm.

  • Danger of Alcohol, Marijuana & Drugs

    Neuroscientists are becoming more informed by their research that this phase of adolescent brain development puts young people at risk for permanent harm and addiction issues. Alcohol, marijuana & drugs impact developing brains in ways that are much more dangerous than in childhood or adulthood.

  • Keeping Youth Drug & Alcohol Free

    Adolescence is now understood by experts to range from approximately 13 to 24 years. During this phase, it's crucial that young people find ways to get high, feel good, manage moods and stress so that they remain resilient and do not succumb to the allure of substances all to available in our culture.

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