In This Course, Learn...

  • How to Work with Kids & Teens

    When you umpire and referee games played by children or adolescents (13 to 25 years according to neuroscientists), you need to support them and teach them as individuals whose brains and bodies are under development.

  • How to Remain Objective

    One of the great challenges of refereeing & umpiring is having to make lightning-fast judgements that are always objective. Learn how to stay focused on the competition, regardless of emotional onslaught from players, coaches & spectators.

  • How to Handle Bullying & Abuse

    Every call you make as a sports official can be enough to make coaches, players and spectators go crazy. Find out strategies to stay safe, mindful, and yet remain highly alert in "the Zone," even while others lose their cool, yell & hurl insults all around you.

What Makes a Great Referee?

Sports Officials never interfere with the play and yet are central to it. They work in an intense, at times abusive, environment and yet remain calm, cool and collected. Do you have what it takes to excel in this challenging, exciting profession?
What Makes a Great Referee?

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction and Overview
    • Life Games Leaders Program
    • Life Games Leaders Program Introduction
    • Overview of the Course
    • Overview of the Course
  • 2
    The Importance of Sports Officials
    • Importance of Umpires & Referees
    • Importance of Umpires & Referees
    • Why do People Become Umpires & Referees?
    • Why do People Become Sports Officials?
  • 3
    A Successful Sport Official Has Purpose
    • Successful Umpires & Referees Have Purpose
    • Purpose
    • The Psychology of Umpiring & Refereeing
    • The Psychology of Sports Officials
  • 4
    Developing Mental Toughness
    • Building Mental Toughness
    • Mental Toughness
    • Harnessing Emotional Intelligence
    • Emotional Intelligence
  • 5
    The Qualities of a Successful Umpire & Referee
    • Qualities of a Successful Umpire & Referee
    • Qualities of a Successful Sport Official
    • Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness
    • Self-Reflection
  • 6
    Working with Children and Adolescents
    • The Characteristics of Children
    • Characteristics of Kids
    • The Characteristics of Adolescents
    • Characteristics of Adolescents
  • 7
    Working with Coaches and Parents
    • Working with Coaches and Other Officials
    • Working with Colleagues & Coaches
    • Working with Coaches and Colleagues Part 2
    • Working with Parents
    • Working with Parents
    • Working with Parents Part 2
  • 8
    Bullying and Abuse of Umpires & Referees
    • The Umpire & Referee as the "Universal Target"
    • Bullying and Abuse of Sports Officials
    • How to Handle Bullying & Abuse on the Job
    • How to Handle Bullying & Abuse
  • 9
    Further Resources
    • Further Resources

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