Sport & Fitness: Game-Changers for the Brain

Experts in positive psychology & neuroscience have a great deal of evidence that fitness promotes brain performance. Learning the skills necessary to flourish in sports and recreation environments transfers effectively into many different fields and positively shapes communities through engagement & fitness. Whether it's setting up a community recreation program or coaching and refereeing, leadership development occurs and creates career opportunities. Contributing to and building productive teams may begin out on the field, in the gym, on the ice or in the pool, but they are also sought-after talents in most professions.

School to Work - Harness Your Brain Power to Transition

Neuroscientists are daily learning more about how the "adolescent" brain learns, performs at its peak, becomes resilient, and achieves goals. Adolescence is now understood to range from 13 to 25 so in this critical career launching window, the more informed you are about how your brain is developing, the more you can navigate the shift from student to professional with intention & confidence. To excel in your career, harness the remarkable, healthy, high-performing relationship between brain & body. Fuel up on neuroscience to drive with confidence, focus & intention down the career path you choose.

Work Well - Protect & Enhance Your Brain Power

Learn to manage stress using fitness, healthy team dynamics & mindfulness. Find out what positive psychology & neuroscience knows about protecting & healing the brain. Discover actionable, practical strategies to keep your brain safe from substance abuse, improve your capacity to manage stress, and ignite your remarkable potential.


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